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    Planter Boxes

    Planter boxes and garden beds with retaining walls need to be waterproofed to stop water leaking through them into areas below and onto any paving/pathways adjacent to them. They are usually ‘tanked’ with a torch on bitumen membrane or if access is restrictive are painted inside with 2-3 coats of a bitumen based liquid.
    It is important that the whole base and internal walls are all properly sealed and the protection board is place in them before filling with soil and plants.

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    Roofs & Balconies

    There are a wide variety of waterproofing methods that can be used and this will depend entirely upon the individual situation. For example whether the alcony is over a living area or is ‘freestanding’. Also the type of roof deck, construction materials used, substrate, the location and environmental factors, size, design, construction details all have to be considered. Especially important is whether the deck will be subject to the use of any foot traffic for leisure activities or entertaining. This will influence the choice of different protective coverings eg. hard tiles, rubber mats, synthetic grass carpet etc. and therefore the most appropriate choice of membrane system to be used. This is best chosen in close consultation with an experienced waterproofing applicator.
    Systems can vary from a one layer system to a multi-layer sheet membrane system.

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    Wet areas, Bathrooms & Laundries

    Bathrooms, laundries and other wet areas require particular care and attention when it comes to waterproofing details.
    They are most commonly waterproofed using a liquid acrylic membrane system together with fibreglass reinforcing bandage around the joints (junctions between floors and walls) It is also strongly recommended to have your builder install a floor waste plumbed into your wet areas just in case of accidental flooding from a bathtub or washing machine. Remember if your room is waterproofed properly the floodwater must have an outlet to help it escape otherwise it can run into adjoining rooms damaging carpets and other floor coverings. The waterproofing must be done before any tiling or laying of floor coverings.

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    Maintenance Services

    We can also offer annual inspection service of your roof and deck membranes to ensure it is still fully watertight and also to check if there is any deterioration or areas requiring repairs.
    We can sometimes repair older bitumen roofs if not too extensively damaged. Remember it is much better to attend to any problems early on before they become worse and more costly to rectify. Depending upon the installation, we can offer workmanship and manufacturer warranties and also certificates of completion/compliance as is usually required by council and shire building inspectors. Weekend arrangements can also be made if this is more convenient. For industrial or commercial premises, we can arrange an annual inspection of your membrane systems to determine if any repair work needs to be done and a written report issued if necessary. This is sometimes a requirement of insurance companies.


Roof Gardens

We can also advise on the special requirements of membrane choice for roof gardens which are now becoming more popular.

These areas are usually waterproofed using specially developed multi-layer membrane systems which can deal with constant watering of plants and are usually designed in collaboration with landscapers. Systems will vary depending upon the individual design of the garden and proper drainage systems need to be considered as well.The correct membrane choice is vital to ensure no leakage problems occur into habitable areas on floors below.

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